Konten halaman tidak didukung dalam bahasa lain.
Ti Wikikamus basa Sunda, kamus bébas


The official localisable Wiktionary logo

Hello! It was noted that Wiktionary in this language has not yet adopted a localised/translated logo: it's really a pity for a dictionary project!
We are trying to help Wiktionaries adopt a locally-adapted logo, by taking the technical difficulties on us. What we need from you is just the preferred translation of the name and motto, "Wiktionary" (if translated) and "The free dictionary": you can add them to the logo list, by editing it directly or commenting on the talk page; you can also add a note if you don't want the localised logo.
Of course, you can also create the logo and make the necessary requests on bugzilla yourself, if you prefer so.
Feel free to translate this message and to move/copy/forward it where appropriate; you can also reply on my talk. Thanks, Nemo 3 Nopémber 2012 16.01 (UTC)Balas[balesan]

Aksara Sunda[édit]

Shouldn't this be done in aksara sunda instead. At least spread the awareness.

Tatateundeun anyar[édit]

Réngsé ogé tatateundeun jeung téma anyar téh. --Uchup19 (bicara) 23 Nopémber 2014 02.11 (UTC)Balas[balesan]

Aksara Sunda[édit]

Letʻs start moving to Aksara Sunda, the official script of the language. Reply if you support. DerekWinters (bicara) 14 April 2015 00.45 (UTC)Balas[balesan]

Even Aksara Sunda is now being used again since 2008, but it's not commonly used in public domain. Today's common script in Sundanese is Latin. But incase to introduce the Aksara Sunda, it can be used in this Wikikamus on short phrases. --Ilham.nurwansah (bicara) 15 April 2015 09.34 (UTC)Balas[balesan]

Compact Links coming soon to this wiki[édit]

Tolong bantu terjemahkan ke bahasa Anda

Screenshot of Compact Language Links interlanguage list

Hello, I wanted to give a heads up about an upcoming feature for this wiki which you may seen already in the Tech News. Compact Language Links has been available as a beta-feature on all Wikimedia wikis since 2014. With compact language links enabled, users are shown a much shorter list of languages on the interlanguage link section of an article (see image). This will be enabled as a feature in the soon for all users, which can be turned on or off using a preference setting. We look forward to your feedback and please do let us know if you have any questions. Details about Compact Language Links can be read in the project documentation.

Due to the large scale enablement of this feature, we have had to use MassMessage for this announcement and as a result it is only written in English. We will really appreciate if this message can be translated for other users of this wiki. The main announcement can also be translated on this page. Thank you. On behalf of the Wikimedia Language team: Runa Bhattacharjee (WMF) (talk)-29 Juni 2016 13.06 (UTC)Balas[balesan]

Compact Language Links enabled in this wiki today[édit]

Tolong bantu terjemahkan ke bahasa Anda

Screenshot of Compact Language Links interlanguage list

Compact Language Links has been available as a beta-feature on all Wikimedia wikis since 2014. With compact language links enabled, users are shown a much shorter list of languages on the interlanguage link section of an article (see image). Based on several factors, this shorter list of languages is expected to be more relevant for them and valuable for finding similar content in a language known to them. More information about compact language links can be found in the documentation.

From today onwards, compact language links has been enabled as the default listing of interlanguage links on this wiki. However, using the button at the bottom, you will be able to see a longer list of all the languages the article has been written in. The setting for this compact list can be changed by using the checkbox under User Preferences -> Appearance -> Languages

The compact language links feature has been tested extensively by the Wikimedia Language team, which developed it. However, in case there are any problems or other feedback please let us know on the project talk page. It is to be noted that on some wikis the presence of an existing older gadget that was used for a similar purpose may cause an interference for compact language list. We would like to bring this to the attention of the admins of this wiki. Full details are on this phabricator ticket (in English).

Due to the large scale enablement of this feature, we have had to use MassMessage for this announcement and as a result it is only written in English. We will really appreciate if this message can be translated for other users of this wiki. Thank you. On behalf of the Wikimedia Language team: Runa Bhattacharjee (WMF) (talk)-1 Juli 2016 03.05 (UTC)Balas[balesan]

Sundanese font[édit]

I found a font that might help this project. Get Noto Sans Sundanese font at [1]. This font based on Unicode. --Octahedron80 (obrolan) 31 Juli 2016 04.21 (UTC)Balas[balesan]

Columns for references[édit]

1 Séptémber 2017 18.23 (UTC)

Wiktionary Cognate Dashboard[édit]

Selection of the Tremendous Wiktionary User Group representative to the Wikimedia Summit 2019[édit]

Dear all,

Sorry for posting this message in English and last minute notification. The Tremendous Wiktionary User Group could send one representative to the Wikimedia Summit 2019 (formerly "Wikimedia Conference"). The Wikimedia Summit is an yearly conference of all organizations affiliated to the Wikimedia Movement (including our Tremendous Wiktionary User Group). It is a great place to talk about Wiktionary needs to the chapters and other user groups that compose the Wikimedia movement.

For context, there is a short report on what happened last year. The deadline is very close to 24 hrs. The last date for registration is 17 December 2018. As a last minute effort, there is a page on meta to decide who will be the representative of the user group to the Wikimedia Summit created.

Please feel free to ask any question on the wiktionary-l mailing list or on the talk page.

For the Tremendous Wiktionary User Group, -- Balajijagadesh 16 Désémber 2018 05.56 (UTC)Balas[balesan]

Wiktionary sitelinks dashboard: URL update[édit]

Hello all, and sorry for writing in English. Feel free to translate this message below.

The Wiktionary Cognate Dashboard presents interesting data about the extension powering your sitelinks. I just wanted to let you know that the URL of this tool changed: it is now accessible at https://wiktionary-analytics.wmcloud.org/Wiktionary_CognateDashboard/ . The former URLs, https://wmdeanalytics.wmflabs.org/Wiktionary_CognateDashboard/ and https://wdcm.wmflabs.org/Wiktionary_CognateDashboard/ , will be disabled on September 25th. Don't forget to update your documentation pages accordingly.

If you have questions about the tool or the URL switch, feel free to ping me. Cheers, Lea Lacroix (WMDE) 14 Séptémber 2020 11.46 (UTC)Balas[balesan]

Wikimania 2021: Individual Program Submissions[édit]

Dear all,

Wikimania 2021 will be hosted virtually for the first time in the event's 15-year history. Since there is no in-person host, the event is being organized by a diverse group of Wikimedia volunteers that form the Core Organizing Team (COT) for Wikimania 2021.

Event Program - Individuals or a group of individuals can submit their session proposals to be a part of the program. There will be translation support for sessions provided in a number of languages. See more information here.

Below are some links to guide you through;

Please note that the deadline for submission is 18th June 2021.

Announcements- To keep up to date with the developments around Wikimania, the COT sends out weekly updates. You can view them in the Announcement section here.

Office Hour - If you are left with questions, the COT will be hosting some office hours (in multiple languages), in multiple time-zones, to answer any programming questions that you might have. Details can be found here.

Best regards,

MediaWiki message delivery (obrolan) 16 Juni 2021 04.19 (UTC)Balas[balesan]

On behalf of Wikimania 2021 Core Organizing Team

Editing news 2021 #2[édit]

24 Juni 2021 14.15 (UTC)

Berita penyuntingan 2022 #1[édit]

Baca nawala ini dalam bahasa lainDaftar langganan nawala multibahasa ini

Penyunting baru lebih mampu menyunting dengan alat baru ini.

Alat Topik baru membantu penyunting membuat ==Bagian== baru di halaman pembicaraan. Penyunting baru lebih mampu menyunting dengan alat baru ini. Anda bisa membaca laporannya. Tidak lama lagi, tim Editing akan menawarkan alat ini kepada semua penyunting di 20 Wikipedia yang ikut serta dalam uji cobanya. Anda bisa mematikan alat tersebut di Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-editing-discussion.

Whatamidoing (WMF) 2 Méi 2022 18.56 (UTC)Balas[balesan]

Community Wishlist Survey 2023 opens in January[édit]

Tolong bantu terjemahkan ke bahasa Anda

(There is a translatable version of this message on MetaWiki)


The Community Wishlist Survey (CWS) 2023, which lets contributors propose and vote for tools and improvements, starts next month on Monday, 23 January 2023, at 18:00 UTC and will continue annually.

We are inviting you to share your ideas for technical improvements to our tools and platforms. Long experience in editing or technical skills is not required. If you have ever used our software and thought of an idea to improve it, this is the place to come share those ideas!

The dates for the phases of the Survey will be as follows:

  • Phase 1: Submit, discuss, and revise proposals – Monday, Jan 23, 2023 to Sunday, Feb 6, 2023
  • Phase 2: WMF/Community Tech reviews and organizes proposals – Monday, Jan 30, 2023 to Friday, Feb 10, 2023
  • Phase 3: Vote on proposals – Friday, Feb 10, 2023 to Friday, Feb 24, 2023
  • Phase 4: Results posted – Tuesday, Feb 28, 2023

If you want to start writing out your ideas ahead of the Survey, you can start thinking about your proposals and draft them in the CWS sandbox.

We are grateful to all who participated last year. See you in January 2023!

Hatur nuhun! Community Tech, STei (WMF) 15 Désémber 2022 16.44 (UTC)Balas[balesan]

Editing news 2023 #1[édit]

Baca nawala ini dalam bahasa lainDaftar langganan nawala multibahasa ini

Nawala kali ini memuat dua berita utama mengenai pekerjaan tim Editing:

  1. Tim Editing akan merampungkan penambahan fitur-fitur baru dalam proyek halaman pembicaraan dan meluncurkannya.
  2. Kini, mereka memulai proyek baru, Periksa perubahan.

Proyek halaman pembicaraan

Tangkapan layar yang memperlihatkan perubahan desain halaman pembicaraan yang saat ini tersedia sebagai fitur beta dalam semua wiki Wikimedia. Fitur-fitur ini berisi informasi mengenai jumlah pengguna dan tanggapan di dalam setiap diskusi.
Perubahan-perubahan yang akan datang

Tim Editing hampir menyelesaikan tahap pertama dari proyek halaman pembicaraan ini. Hampir semua fitur baru sudah tersedia dalam Fitur Beta Perkakas diskusi.

Hal ini akan menampilkan informasi tentang seberapa aktif sebuah diskusi, termasuk tanggal komentar terbaru. Tombol "Tambah jejer" yang baru akan segera hadir. Anda dapat menonaktifkannya di Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-editing-discussion. Mohon beri tahu pendapat Anda.

Tingkat penyelesaian suntingan harian berdasarkan kelompok uji: DiscussionTools (kelompok uji coba) dan paparan MobileFrontend (kelompok kontrol)

Uji A/B untuk Perkakas diskusi di situs seluler telah selesai. Para editor merasa lebih puas dengan Perkakas diskusi. Tim Editing mengaktifkan fitur-fitur ini bagi semua penyunting di situs seluler.

Proyek Baru: Periksa Perubahan

Tim Editing sedang memulai sebuah proyek untuk membantu para penyunting baru di Wikipedia. Proyek ini akan membantu para pengguna dalam mengenali beberapa masalah sebelum mereka mengeklik "Pedalkeun parobahan". Perkakas pertama akan mendorong pengguna untuk menambahkan referensi ketika mereka menambahkan materi baru. Silakan pantau halaman tersebut untuk mendapatkan informasi lebih lanjut. Anda dapat bergabung dalam sebuah pertemuan virtual pada tanggal 3 Maret 2023 untuk belajar lebih lanjut.

Whatamidoing (WMF) (obrolan) 22 Pébruari 2023 23.25 (UTC)Balas[balesan]

Your wiki will be in read only soon[édit]

Trizek (WMF) (Sawala) 27 Pébruari 2023 21.21 (UTC)Balas[balesan]

Wikimania 2023 Membuka Pendaftaran Program[édit]

Apakah Anda ingin menyelenggarakan sesi tatap muka atau maya di Wikimania 2023? Misalnya lokakarya praktis, diskusi yang meriah, pertunjukan seru, poster menarik, atau perbincangan ringan yang berkesan? Pendaftaran dibuka hingga 28 Maret. Acara ini akan memiliki beberapa blok khusus untuk sesi hibrida sehingga pengajuan program daring dan rekaman konten juga diterima. Jika Anda memiliki pertanyaan, silakan hadir dalam perbincangan pada tanggal 12 atau 19 Maret, atau hubungi kami melalui alamat surel wikimania@wikimedia.org atau di Telegram. Informasi lebih lanjut tersedia di halaman wiki.

Seeking volunteers for the next step in the Universal Code of Conduct process[édit]


As follow-up to the message about the Universal Code of Conduct Enforcement Guidelines by Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees Vice Chair, Shani Evenstein Sigalov, I am reaching out about the next steps. I want to bring your attention to the next stage of the Universal Code of Conduct process, which is forming a building committee for the Universal Code of Conduct Coordinating Committee (U4C). I invite community members with experience and deep interest in community health and governance to nominate themselves to be part of the U4C building committee, which needs people who are:

  • Community members in good standing
  • Knowledgeable about movement community processes, such as, but not limited to, policy drafting, participatory decision making, and application of existing rules and policies on Wikimedia projects
  • Aware and appreciative of the diversity of the movement, such as, but not limited to, languages spoken, identity, geography, and project type
  • Committed to participate for the entire U4C Building Committee period from mid-May - December 2023
  • Comfortable with engaging in difficult, but productive conversations
  • Confidently able to communicate in English

The Building Committee shall consist of volunteer community members, affiliate board or staff, and Wikimedia Foundation staff.

The Universal Code of Conduct has been a process strengthened by the skills and knowledge of the community and I look forward to what the U4C Building Committee creates. If you are interested in joining the Building Committee, please either sign up on the Meta-Wiki page, or contact ucocproject(_AT_)wikimedia.org by May 12, 2023. Read more on Meta-Wiki.

Best regards,

Xeno (WMF) 26 April 2023 19.01 (UTC)Balas[balesan]

Selection of the U4C Building Committee[édit]

The next stage in the Universal Code of Conduct process is establishing a Building Committee to create the charter for the Universal Code of Conduct Coordinating Committee (U4C). The Building Committee has been selected. Read about the members and the work ahead on Meta-wiki.

-- UCoC Project Team, 27 Méi 2023 04.21 (UTC)

Pangumuman anggota kiwari[édit]

Aranjeun tiasa mendakeun terjemahan ieu ka mokaha basa


Wilujeung bungah, dina ieu email, urang sarerea bungah ngumumkeun anggota Panitia Pamilihan anyar sareng panaséhat. Panitia Pamilihan ngarancang jeung ngalaksanakeun prosés pikeun milih pangawas Organisasi Komunitas jeung Mitra salaku bagian ti Badan Pengawasan Yayasan Wikimedia. Sanggeus ngaliwatan prosés nominasi kabuka, calon calon diwawancara ku Dewan. Opat calon diondang pikeun ngagabung jadi anggota Panitia Seleksi. Opat calon séjén diondang pikeun gabung salaku panaséhat.

Hatur nuhun ka anggota komunitas anu nyalonkeun diri. Sarerea siap neruskeun pidamelan sareng Panitia Pemilihan.

Ngawakilkeun Déwan Pembina Yayasan Wikimedia,

RamzyM (WMF) 28 Juni 2023 18.00 (UTC)Balas[balesan]

Review the Charter for the Universal Code of Conduct Coordinating Committee[édit]

Hello all,

I am pleased to share the next step in the Universal Code of Conduct work. The Universal Code of Conduct Coordinating Committee (U4C) draft charter is now ready for your review.

The Enforcement Guidelines require a Building Committee form to draft a charter that outlines procedures and details for a global committee to be called the Universal Code of Conduct Coordinating Committee (U4C). Over the past few months, the U4C Building Committee worked together as a group to discuss and draft the U4C charter. The U4C Building Committee welcomes feedback about the draft charter now through 22 September 2023. After that date, the U4C Building Committee will revise the charter as needed and a community vote will open shortly afterward.

Join the conversation during the conversation hours or on Meta-wiki.


RamzyM (WMF), on behalf of the U4C Building Committee, 28 Agustus 2023 15.36 (UTC)Balas[balesan]

== Pembukaan perekrutan anggota Komite Afiliasi, Komisi Ombuds, dan Komite Peninjauan Kasus ==[édit]

Halo semua! Komite Afiliasi (AffCom), Komisi Ombuds (OC), dan Komite Peninjauan Kasus (CRC) sedang mencari anggota baru. Komite-komite sukarelawan ini bertugas untuk memberikan dukungan struktural dan pengawasan yang penting bagi komunitas dan gerakan Wikimedia. Anda diundang untuk mencalonkan diri atau mencalonkan orang lain yang menurut Anda akan dapat berkontribusi pada kelompok-kelompok ini untuk mendaftar. Ada lebih banyak informasi tentang peran kelompok, keterampilan yang dibutuhkan, dan kesempatan untuk mendaftar pada halaman Meta-wiki.

Atas nama tim Committee Support,

~ Keegan (WMF) (talk) 9 Oktober 2023 16.42 (UTC)Balas[balesan]

Ulasan jeung kamandang ngeunaan pakét aturan pamilihan Déwan Pangawas Yayasan Wikimédia 2024[édit]

Anjeun bisa maca tarjamah ieu béwara dina basa lianna di Meta-wiki.

Haturan ka sadayana,

Mangga ngulas jeung mairan dina pakét aturan pamilihan Déwan Pangawas Yayasan Wikimédia ti ayeuna nepi ka 29 Oktober 2023. Pakét aturan pamilihan nuturkeun pérsi saméméhna dina Panitia Pamilihan sarta bakal dipaké dina pamilihan Déwan Pangawas 2024. Kamandang anjeun dipikabutuh sangkan prosés pamilihan Déwan lungsur-langsar. Leuwih lengkepna dina kaca Meta-wiki.


Katie Chan
Pupuhu Panitia Pamilihan

17 Oktober 2023 01.13 (UTC)

The Vector 2022 skin as the default in three weeks?[édit]

Read this in your languageTolong bantu terjemahkan ke bahasa Anda • Please tell other users about these changes

Hello. I'm writing on behalf of the Wikimedia Foundation Web team. In two weeks, we would like to make the Vector 2022 skin the default on this wiki.

Preferensi global

If you prefer keeping the current skin select "Vector legacy (2010)" on the appearance tab of the global preferences and save the change. We encourage you to give the new skin a try, though.

Since I last came to you with this question, many things have changed. The skin is now the default on most Wikipedias, and all logos are done! We have also made some tweaks in the skin itself. Below is the text I've sent to you once, but I'm sending it again, just slightly edited, for those who haven't seen it.

If you know what this is about, jump straight to the section "Our plan":

It would become the default for all logged-out users, and also all logged-in users who currently use Vector legacy as a local (but not global) preference. Logged-in users can at any time switch to any other skin. No changes are expected for these skins.

About the skin[édit]

Slides to our Wikimania 2022 presentation. You may also listen to the recording on YouTube (in English).

[Why is a change necessary] When the current default skin was created, it reflected the needs of the readers and editors as these were 14 years ago. Since then, new users have begun using the Internet and Wikimedia projects in different ways. The old Vector does not meet their needs.

[Objective] The objective for the Vector 2022 skin is to make the interface more welcoming and comfortable for readers and useful for advanced users. It introduces a series of changes that aim to improve problems new and existing readers and editors were having with the old skin. It draws inspiration from previous user requests, the Community Wishlist Surveys, and gadgets and scripts. The work helped our code follow the standards and improve all other skins. The PHP code in the other available skins has been reduced by 75%. The project has also focused on making it easier to support gadgets and use APIs.

[Changes in a nutshell] The skin introduces changes that improve readability and usability. The new skin does not remove any functionality currently available on the Vector skin.

  • The limited width and pin-able menus allow to adjust the interface to the screen size, and focus on editing or reading. Logged-in and logged-out users may use a toggle button to keep the full width, though.
  • The sticky header makes it easier to find tools that editors use often. It decreases scrolling to the top of the page by 16%.
  • The new table of contents makes it easier to navigate to different sections. Readers and editors jump to different sections of the page 50% more than with the old table of contents. It also looks a bit different on talk pages.
  • The new search bar is easier to find and makes it easier to find the correct search result from the list. This increased the amount of searches started by 30% on the tested wikis.
  • The skin does not negatively affect pageviews, edit rates, or account creation. There is evidence of increases in pageviews and account creation across partner communities.

[Customize this skin] It's possible to configure and personalize our changes. We support volunteers who create new gadgets and user scripts. Check out the repository for a list of currently available customizations and changes, or add your own.

Our plan[édit]

If no large concerns are raised, we plan on deploying on 14 November. If you'd like to ask our team anything, if you have questions, concerns, or additional thoughts, please comment in any language. If this is the first comment to my message, make sure to ping me. We will gladly answer! Also, check out our FAQ. Thank you! SGrabarczuk (WMF) (obrolan) 26 Oktober 2023 01.09 (UTC)Balas[balesan]